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Cleaning and Maintenance

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The high-quality single pane safety glass in our showers is easy to clean thanks to its pore-free upper surface, which dirt and bacteria cannot attach to so easily. The pearling effect is increased even further if you choose an NQ coating, a wisp-thin invisible protective layer which coats the glass wall. This coating can be renewed as needed with our refreshment kit.

For daily, fast cleaning of the glass, it is enough to wipe down with a squeegee blade and we recommend using a soft micro-fibre cloth on the hinges. Only gentle cleaning materials with low acidity and hydrophobic properties should be used, such as our Easy Cleaner.

The seals are the parts of the shower which age first through UV radiation and the cleaning products used. Since they are only pinned in place, they can be easily changed if you feel it is necessary.

Our team is available to you after installation for such things as servicing fittings, renewal of seals, refreshment of the NQ coating or other services.