Your own personal Turkish bath.

The bespoke TEUSCHER steam baths are a treat for body and soul and can be installed without any problem in any bathroom.

The most modern steam technology provides an unforgettable feeling of well-being that can be experienced again day after day with our steam showers. The steam unit is small enough to be built into a bench seat but of high enough quality to generate steam within a very short time. The steam shower can also optionally be fitted with light and sound effects or with aromatherapy.

If you have ever sat in a Turkish bath, you will know what real relaxation is. The heat, the soft light, the pleasant aroma and the gentle sounds make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and make everyday life seem a long, long way away. You would love to experience something like this every day. Luckily, the latest steam technology makes this possible. However, your bathroom is constructed, the TEUSCHER-steam showers are individually adapted and can even be installed in the smallest space as the steam unit fits in a bench seat. The stylish glass construction is closed up to the top so that the steam does not escape. If desired, the wellness experience can be enhanced by light, sound and aromatherapy. You can have your own Turkish bath at home that you can enjoy alone or you can share the experience.

Steam showers are not just a treat for the senses, but also promote health in many ways, as they detoxify and help to prevent colds.

Real balm for the body and soul.




8-10 mm safety glass with pore-free upper surface, also available in textured glass, matt glass and translucent or opaque colours.

Fittings & Hinges

Our fittings are manufactured in brass or red brass and then given a high-quality galvanised finish.


We have a wide range of seals available which are only pinned in place and thus can easily be changed if necessary.

Recommended Products

We recommend cleaning with a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner with hydrophobic properties, such as our Easy Cleaner.