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Akron 3D Panels XL

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Akron 3D Panels XL

Our made-to-measure shower panels and wash basins are available to match the shower trays so that you can design your whole bathroom individually in the same style. An overall concept that is a perfect combination of functionality, design and aesthetics.

We present the new 3D panels: STEP and VENETIAN. The STEP model gives our shower area a linear appearance. And it can be installed in either in horizontal or vertical position. VENETIAN panel with its original design provides our shower area with a very natural look.

These 3D panels can cover a complete shower area to the ceiling without problems and lend themselves to combine with standard panels.

Maximum size of panels: 120 x 45 cm.

Advantages of the Akron 3D panels:

  • Get a Box Concept creating a shower area with 2 panels and a shower tray.
  • You can personalize your bathroom using panels mixing its textures and colours.
  • Combine panels with your Acquabella shower tray.