Glasduschen für stilvolle und funktionelle Bäder | TEUSCHER



The Teuscher shower enclosures are all made of ESG safety glass. Thanks to a non-porous surface, this has special hygienic properties. Dirt and bacteria have little chance of settling.


8-10 mm safety glass with pore-free upper surface, also available in textured glass, matt glass and translucent or opaque colours.

Fittings & Hinges

Our fittings are manufactured in brass or red brass and then given a high-quality galvanised finish.


We have a wide range of seals available which are only pinned in place and thus can easily be changed if necessary.

Recommended Products

We recommend cleaning with a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner with hydrophobic properties, such as our Easy Cleaner.


Lifelong Service Support

The long lifetime is an outstanding feature of our products. This implies that our team will be available to you long after the installation of your shower, for example for servicing the door hinges or renewing seals, and that you will still be able to obtain replacement parts for your shower for decades.


Our products meet the highest quality standards. We stand up for them even beyond the mandatory warranty periods.

Service and Spare Parts

The service team also supports our customers after installation and stocks replacement parts for years.