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How does a bath become an enjoyable shower?

A bathroom without a shower? This calls for a bath screen!

A bathtub can be something great. We like to think about long, luxurious foam baths, preferably with a glass of sparkling wine and candle-light, if possible. Unfortunately, we are more likely to know this from the television, because everyday life teaches us that there is usually too little time for luxuries like that. Normally, time is short, you have to go to work in the morning or you don‘t get back home until late, and the refreshing, relaxing shower is a better option.

People who only have a bathtub in their bathroom mostly use it for showering more often than for taking a bath. This calls for suitable spray protection so that the entire bathroom does not flood. Usually, the nearest, seemingly simplest and cheapest solution is chosen – a shower curtain or shower roller blind. For a time, this can look okay, but eventually one would rather have something classier, something permanent and clean that just looks modern and stylish: something for life.

The Glass Shower Screen

The best material for a shower screen is real glass. Why? Other materials such as plastic scratch very easily and wear out much faster. They do not look as classy as glass. Glass can make the room appear bigger, which is an advantage in small bathrooms. If you would like it more intimate, the glass can also be provided with an etched privacy screen (opaque glass effect), which allows light through but is non-transparent. You can get really creative here and choose a nice pattern or even a single large design which is etched into the glass. If you are worried about cleaning, the glass can also be given a nano-coating which sheds water and dirt more easily. Glass is a generally more hygienic solution as there are no surfaces to which mould can attach as there are with shower curtains or plastic partitions (especially those in concertina-shape). Even designs with recessed profiles are difficult to clean, which is why they should be avoided.

Hand eines Duschenmonteurs

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The installation of a shower screen is of course more complicated than that of a shower curtain, but if you get an expert to do it, it can be done in a couple of hours. If the installation site id more complicated (such as sloping roofs, tilted position, etc.) bespoke manufacture is required. That is no problem for the expert either. The most important thing is to make the decision, the expert will deal with everything else, and once you’ve made the decision, you will have decades of enjoyment of it.

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